What are the insurance contract limits and exclusions?

Age of the insured person 19 - 70 years of age.

The insurance does not cover treatment intended to replace teeth that were missing before or on the date of commencement of the insurance contract.

The deductible paid by insured person for the insurance period is 50 € (bronze plan) or 100 € (silver and gold plan). The deductible is deducted from the first amount to be indemnified for the claim.

Pre-authorisation of certain treatments are requested in order to be covered by the dental insurance policy.

Cover is not for the treatments to replace the teeth which were already missing on or prior to your policy start date or were extracted during the appropriate waiting period for extractions or for treatment needed on or before that date.

Services or supplies which are not described in article 11 Annex A or which are specifically excluded in terms and conditions.

Preventive treatment (scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments and similar).

Treatment to replace any existing crowns, bridges, dentures or implants.

Cost of hospitals, anaesthesiologists and pathologists except in the case of oral cancer treatment.

Any claims for treatment, replacement or extraction of deciduous teeth (‘baby teeth’).

Any treatment charges which qualify for reimbursement under state dental provision or any other form of insurance, regardless of whether or not you claim these benefits from the state or other insurance provider.

Full list of exclusions is listed in Article 8 of Cavitas dental insurance terms and conditions AMT-1/2021

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