What is Cavitas dental insurance cover?

Insured person's insurance risk is taken by the insurer AmTrust International Underwriters DAC.

The purpose of Cavitas dental insurance cover is to indemnify the insured person for the necessary dental expenses incurred during the insurance period on the basis of the terms and conditions of the insurance contract.

All teeth in the insured person's mouth are covered by the insurance, regardless of the previous treatment history (treatment of missing teeth is excluded).

The insurance covers the insured person's ongoing, planned or recommended treatment, provided that the treatment takes place after the start date of the insurance contract and, if necessary, has been confirmed in advance (see clause 7.2 of the insurance contract conditions).

In order to obtain insurance cover the insured person can get dental treatment at any dental clinic in Estonia.

The insurance period is 1 year. The insurance cover starts right after the conclusion of a collective insurance contract between the policyholder (your employer) and the insurer. Your insurance cover start date is written on insurance policy sent to your e-mail address.

Certain treatments are not covered unless authorised by the claims administrator before treatment commences. These are:
a) Tooth transplantation
b) Placement of crown (in. half crown), inlay/onlay or bridge
c) Placement of implant, implant abutment or implant crown and other related implant works
e) Placing full or partial dentures (top and bottom jaw)

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